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We have been looking for a new way of “being a real estate” for a long time and we understood that the perfect way is found in the objectives and needs of our clients. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣ Our Mission , is and always will be, to offer the best experience that has ever been imagined, from our professionalism, good work, transparency and maximum dedication in everything we do and we we propose.

We dream of a better world, more comfortable, with the best conditions and a better quality of life. We need you to be the new way of “being a real estate” Do you join? Our contribution for this purpose is, what we know how to do, our services:


We do not offer just any home, but those that have gone through our selective collection and appreciation system.


We managed to sell your property at a better price. A balance between the market price and the one you need.


Are you tired of not having the home you want? You have been saving for years, but you never have enough money … You know you deserve something more …


You need more than a real estate service, because you have many things to do, look for or decide, and you do not know where to start. Let us accompany you.


They say that if you want to achieve goals, you must surround yourself with people who accompany you along the way.


Andrés G . Broullón Di Serio

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Coordinator at catchment department

Mónica J. Porchetto Velázquez

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Cristian Ceron Rojas

When we choose Zintex was with the intention of buying our first flat in Spain, and we didn’t choose wrong. Their professionalism and services are outstanding. Later they helped us in the selling of the same flat, so we can get a bigger home, also with them. I recommend them…

Jesús Ollero

I met Zintex Group through an intimate friend who recommended them to me. They have been very fast and very diligent about the selling of my flat. Their best are the persons who work there. Everyone is very kind and always thinking about work. I totally recommend them.

María del Pilar Garrido Palomino

We choose Zintex for buying our property because a neighbor from my building where we used to rent, recommended us. The service was outstanding, since the very first moment they offered us to see properties that where from our interest. In the location we wanted, and in the amount of…

Alessandro Mastandrea

Since the first moment we felt treated in a very close and familiar way. We didn’t felt at any time the annoying pressure from a sell commercial, when he wants to sell you something just because. Without hesitating, we will trust again in Zintex Group for future transactions, because they…


Association of Real Estate Agencies of Alicante. Both for owner and buyer. A non-profit entity that filters professionals under the strictest canon of control, training, monitoring and compliance with our code of ethics.

Only composed of highly qualified professionals in the fields; administrative, legal and marketing.

This group has c on more than 20 real estate, with more than 50 agents in total that they will have the property to offer it. However, visits, procedures and contract will only be in charge of Wereal, centralizing everything the process and giving ease and clarity to the buyer and seller.




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