Made up of young professionals highly trained and with great experience in the sector, they will be willing to devote themselves, with the utmost responsibility and care, in solving any situation that our clients need. 


Andrés G . Broullón Di Serio

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Coordinator at catchment department

Mónica J. Porchetto Velázquez

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Real estate agent - Sales

Guido Rodriguez Porchetto

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Association of Real Estate Agencies of Alicante. For both owner and buyer. A non-profit organization that filters professionals under the strictest canon of control, training, monitoring and compliance with our code of ethics.

Only integrated by highly qualified professionals in the fields; administrative, legal and marketing.

This group has more than 20 real estate agents, with more than 50 agents in total who will have the property to offer it. However, the visits, procedures and contract will only be in charge of Wereal, centralizing the entire process and giving ease and clarity to the buyer and seller.

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