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Which part of Alicante would you prefer?

Alicante City and Beach

Alicante combines city and beach, the vibrant activity of a great cosmopolitan city, with the chill-out of the beach.

With the above image, you can imagine the lifestyle in Alicante!

Mountains and Beach

The province of Alicante do not only have the sea, it boasts of beautiful towns and areas with beautiful mountainous views.

Plains, Mountains and Beaches

We have an extensive plain surrounded by mountains and bordered by the Cape of Santa Pola is supplied by the waters of the Vinalopó river at its lowest level.

This coast line has a range of 30 kilometres with very beautiful beaches of very fine white/gold sand. With a range of  diverse dune formations to add to its beauty.

The great Benidorm

The far northern coast regions of the province of Alicante, offers the most famous touristic areas in the province.
The area of Benidorm being one of the largest one: with popular Mediterranean holiday destinations, famous for its night-life, wide sandy beaches, bordered by coastal promenades with palm trees, bars and rows of skyscrapers is an experience in itself.

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