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Alicante is the province that has the most mountain ranges in the whole Iberian Peninsula that is why it is much more than just the Mediterranean Sea.

Beach and mountains. You can relax getting tanned, and visiting beautiful landscapes (for trekking) that will allow you to combine these two activities in only one area, while enjoying the nature around you.

Here are 3 locations where you can find the typical Spanish terrific towns, majestic mountains and bountiful beaches.


More than half of Castalla is a forest area. Walking, trekking or cycling are some of the activities to be close to nature.

The forest is predominated by Aleppo pine and aromatic plans like thyme, rosemary, “pebrella” interpreted as “ cats’ tail”.

The aroma of its forests and the panoramics views, invite you to explore some of its paths and roads up to the “balcony of Alicante” – the Maigmo mountain range, or
An indigenous cuisine recognized for its star dish: “Gaspatxo”, also known as “Gazpacho Manchego”, with an exquisite elaboration and flavored according to the locality of Xorret de Catí.

Most of bars and restaurants in the town prepare this dish, which is well known throughout the province of Alicante and whose ingredients are unleavened cakes (without yeast) crumbled into small pieces, abundant and varied meat, mushrooms, snails, as well as tomato and onion fried and, to give it the flavor that characterizes its origin, an aromatic herb called “pebrella” (thymus piperella) is added.

Tasting some good “Gaspatxos” is a ritual and a pleasure for the palate; first they are poured over a yeast cake cooked over the embers of an oven, accompanied with a good red wine and “all i oli”; to finish with a piece of cake with honey and a glass of wild thyme. Mmmm!

What do you think of the festival plan?

The main festivals are the Moors and Christians festivities, which are celebrated from September 1 to 4 in honour of the Virgen de la Soledad, the patron saint of the town.
Castalla’s festive calendar is varied and interesting; as in all Alicante cities. To highlight the bonfires of San Francisco, San Isidro (May 15) and its fair, San Pascual, the Bouet de la Sang on July 5, San Jaime on July 25 and from August 14 to 17, La Vaca, in honor of San Roque.

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At just 7 kilometers from the sea and settled in the slope of the impressive mountain range of Cabeço d’Or, Busot offers a fantastic visit for the nature lovers but also to those who wish to know a land full of history and culture.

Known for its famous Canelobre Caves, a spectacular grotto that is one of the highest underground vaults in Spain. Because of the beauty of the cave and its dimensions, formed like a majestic cathedral that is more than 800.000 years old. It is one of the most important treasures in Alicante, with more than 60.000 visitors per year.

Here you also can taste some of the typical dishes of their tasty gastronomy that without a doubt is a very good reason to visit the town. Olleta with quail, the chicken or rabbit gazpacho, the suquet de peix, the pericana… and of course, you must taste the singular typical sweets from Busot.

Orihuela City and Coast


Orihuela, was declared a Great City in 2010. Its municipality is located in a privileged and colorful area of south-east Spain.

Officially, it has five of the best beaches in Spain distinguished with the Q for Tourist Quality by the Ministry of Tourism which is considered the highest distinction in this sector. With 16 km of beautiful coastline with wide beaches of fine sand alternated with coves of turquoise blue water and marine life.

It is the home town of the great poet Miguel Hernández, in its streets are memories of the life and work of one of the most international Spanish writers

The coast is extensively built, it preserves important virgin enclaves such as La Mosca cove, Sierra Escalona and various ravines of great interest. The Dehesa and the Pinada de Campoamor stand out as an important place, too.

Among the buildings and developments that have grown extensively on the coast, we have to include three golf courses that currently have 18 holes each – having a total of 54 holes in an area of 1,700,000 square meters. With this total coverage, it has contributed towards the internationally recognized Spanish golf courses, by the hosting of the European Golf tournament in 2021.

Ruiz Mazon Ingenieros Gallery – Ruiz Mazon Ingenieros

The Sierra de Orihuela surrounds the city to the north, extending to the west. It is a natural space of great beauty and environmental value, a paradise for lovers of hiking, climbing or mountain biking. This elongated mountain formation, which reaches its highest point at 634 meters of the Peña de Orihuela (also known as Leja Millamón), offers many kilometres of trails to enjoy.

One of the most popular routes is the one that leads to the Cruz de la Muela, an exceptional point to view over the monumental Orihuela, capital of the Vega Baja, as well as over the entire region that it dominates from these heights.

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