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Alicante City and Beach

With favourable weather conditions, it is a popular location all year round. The winters are mild and mainly sunny.
It is almost unusual to have 2 rainy days in a row.

On average, the temperature in Alicante is a good 18,5º degrees.

Alicante is a city that is associated with sports. There are lots of activities, so everyone have something to do and stay in shape, practising your favourite sport/activity while enjoying the favourable weather. Golf and sailing are two of the most active sports associated with the city and so – on to discover the provinces.

What about the food?

Yes, si, – one of the main reasons for choosing Alicante. You can enjoy a typical Alicante (ianan), Rice dish, in all of variations, made with the famous paellas, with ingredients covering all flavours: Chicken, seafood, fish, rabbit, veal, vegetables or any other flavour that you can imagine.

Economically, Alicante daily life is affordable – the living cost is considerably lower compared to other cities i.e. Barcelona or Valencia.


The golden treasure of Alicante – beaches!



The Postiguet is (la playa) the city beach that is the closest to the city centro. It’s located less than five minutes walk from the city centre and is the highly favoured by visitors and tourists. The playa has more than 600 meters of white, fine sand, which makes it so popular and attractive for all types of activities: volley ball, etc. tight-rope walking, etc.


The beaches of San Juan

Instead of reading about it – watch the video, a picture speaks more than a thousand words.

More than 6 kilometres of good quality sand and a wonderful sea. The area is totally urbanized and with a promenade, close to the sea filled with all delights:  restaurants, ice cream shops, cafeteria and bars. A perfect place to enjoy with the family/friends to enjoy the most varied activities / sports, on water and on land. With easy and fast access via public transport – less than 30 mins – Metro from Luceros Square, at the city centre of Alicante.

How to reach Alicante?

Alicante has an international airport –  L’Altet, Elche, Alicante.
With a railway track of 110 km all along the white coast and with 71 high frequency train stations, you cannot be lost. The AVE in Alicante/Madrid is 2:10 hrs approximately. It is 420 Kms that separates these two cities.


Alicante is the second most important district from Valencian Community (after Valencia, the autonomic government city). Its population is around 330.000 habitants, but with its area of influence, with well known touristic and industrial areas, the numbers are estimated to be over 700.000 habitants.

Alicante is a port city with long shore emplacements, changed, and renovated in recent years – making it one of the most attractive points of the city.

The Mount Benacantil and Santa Barbara Castle are the famous iconic places of the city, and is one of the most attractive (high) sights of the city.

As all over Levante Español, its history has been written by Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Romans, Arabs, Castilians and Aragonese dominations. You will find museums, excavations and archaeological expeditions (caves), that will stimulate your highest cultural interest.

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