Mónica J. Porchetto Velázquez

Coordinator at catchment department


I consider myself a proactive person, with a high level of self demand at the time of working. These points about myself make me always try to learn something new every day. It’s very satisfying to finish the day learning something new, no matter if it’s in my personal or my professional life. Later I work on it, so I can take it to my higher level of performance. I’m a honest person, with the values taught in my family. That face of myself makes me a very trustable person, so my goal is that you can feel that trust on me and let me help you, doing everything that I can, so you can accomplish your goals with us.

I am coordinator at the catchment department. 

I make the property publications, manage the web sites who offer our portfolio, control of the documental area of them; also I do the management of the dates between the owners and our catchment agents, coordinating also their agendas.

I speak Italian as a second language


I don’t remember since when I work. But it wasn’t in a lot of places, because I gave my best in each of them, so there was no need of change. It’s been two years since I started my life in a new country that treated me in a wonderful way. Zintex also made me feel that welcome, that’s why I’m in debt and makes me work every day giving my best, to be at the same level of this professional team that I’m part of. Also I try to share my experience from so many years working in different areas and range levels. I’m not the visible face of Zintex, I’m at the back, supporting and providing assistance to our high level agents. We work as a team, so we can provide a high quality service to our clients, so they can feel well guided and respected, because it’s our priority. 

It’s for me very pleasant to end the day with something new learnt. No matter if it’s in my personal or professional life.


Our goal is that during the whole process, you feel well advised and secure about every step and with all the details about them. We need you to feel that we are giving our best in favor of accomplish your objective. To make that possible, each one from our team is under constant learning and actualization from the law and working improvements. If you enter to our office, for whatever you need, you must go out with an efficient solution of it. So you can take the better choice about it.

Our values are clearly recognized, because they are hard to find these days. We work very hard and very honestly so you can achieve your objective with us. We are working in the same neighborhood for more than ten years; we are YOUR TRUSTABLE AGENCY 

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