Guido Rodriguez Porchetto

Real estate agent - Sales


Someone who tries to learn something new every day, no matter if it is in my personal or professional life. Argentine who has a school formation based on Irish roots. So English is a language that I speak and write it fluently. Always looking to keep learning about my profession, and my most satisfying reward at my job is the gratitude from our clients after a work well done. You will see in me a trustable person, who is interested that you feel well advised and the day in front of the notary, that you feel secure having me next to you.

I Speak and write both in a fluid way, Spanish and English. 


I worked in the sector previously, always focused on the sell and rent of properties. Being this my 3rd year at the real estate market, and my 5th as a commercial agent. So the few years that I may give to WEREAL, I supply it with lots of efforts and hard work to improve as a professional. Proud of being part of this team and finally I feel that I belong to a place that still believes that the needs of the clients are before the money. This concept keeps us working for more than 10 nonstop years, always giving an excellent service, so hard to find in the Spanish market these days. 

“Treat the others how you like to be treated.”

I hope to know you, and help you in the search of your property or invest and be at your side during the whole process until you have what you looked for. With all the matters telated to it solved. Or maybe I can help you on the search of your next rent, and bring you the security that it´s so needed at that moment.


We are a real estate group that it´s ruled under atypical concepts, compared to what it´s offered in the actual market. We don’t see the money as the goal, but it´s a consequence of giving an excellent service. 

We work by the simple fact of always being under constant learning and research to supply all the needs that a client that enters through our office may have. We accomplish this through the correct recognize of the needs from our clients combined with the team of professionals that we have working together to be at the top of the solutions and management services for our clients. Having all this, let us transmit calm and confidence so you can feel secure for having someone who understand of what he`s talking about and works for supplying solutions to your needs.

We are always looking for new solutions for our clients while we reinforce and keep on working over the ones that we already have. We try to be the source of confidence at the time of manage maybe, the most important transactions that you, your family or your people do in your whole life.

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