A very dynamic, empathetic, professional and hard worker person. But above all of this, always with a smile to offer you. I also consider myself high self demanding person. Working always next to our agent team, so I can transmit this nonconformity dynamic, to have always the best possible results. 

I speak and write in two different languages on a fluid way, Spanish and English. But I’m worried always on the expansion of my personal and professional formation. 



I was born in the Federal capital of Buenos Aires, Argentina, and I was trained in studies related to the world of construction (Architecture). However, my employment relationship in Argentina was always oriented to the financial world, having worked in banking for more than 4 years.



Offer to the client the best consume experience that has ever imagined.

We can accomplish that always with maximum professionalism, a good procedure, transparent and giving our best in what we do and what we propose.

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